Interview: DJ Zohra at club H2O, Belgium

‘Nightlife is my natural habitat,’ says DJ Zohra, speaking to DJsounds from club H2O, in Belgium. Yes, in this interview, the passionate Moroccan-Belgium artist and one-time professional dancer discusses such topics as her rich musical heritage, some technical aspects of her DJing techniques, and her favourite DJ gig of the last decade, which was on a beach in Shanghai.

From playing Space Ibiza, to touring Australia with CJ Bolland, DJ Zohra has been DJing for 10 years and during this time she has also played a wide range of local clubs, such as Belgium’s Fuse and Café d’Anvers, as well as festivals worldwide.

She’s also been a popular ambassador for Red Bull, and has made regular appearances on TV, radio and in magazines and music videos. Not to mention our recent Dawn of a New Species CDJ-2000 launch video, in Belgium.